A driver is needed for all Dilated exams. For example, New Patient exams, annual exams, returning dilated exams. Also, if you are coming in for an office procedure or laser procedure a driver is required.
Refraction is the process of using specialized equipment to determine your best-corrected visual acuity (the best you could see if you were to wear prescription eye glasses.) Refraction is not a covered service by Medicare and many other insurance plans.
If you had a refraction done at your visit with Dr. Baum and he feels the glasses are beneficial, Dr. Baum will give you a glasses prescription at the end of the visit. After cataract surgery, you will be given a glasses prescription from Dr. Baum. If you were referred to our practice from an optometrist, Dr. Baum will send you back to your optometrist after cataract surgery to receive your glasses prescription.
Dr. Baum does not give contact lens prescriptions. He will do the eye exam portion, and you will be able to take the glasses prescription to a contact lens dispensary to obtain contact lens prescription.
Dr. Baum does not require any medications be stopped for cataract surgery. At the time of your pre-op physical and phone interview with hospital nurse, they will determine if any medications need to be stopped.
Our office accepts most insurances. We kindly ask that you contact your insurance company to verify Dr. Tad Baum is in contract with your insurance carrier. If you have any questions, please feel to contact our billing coordinator Daizy, Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30am-4pm at (978)-534-2426.